Off-road Enhancement Kit for Evolve GT, GTX, GTR

Off-road Enhancement Kit for Evolve GT, GTX, GTR

SKU: 200-0006

The Off-road Enhancement Kit includes our High Torque 13 Tooth Driver Kit and Heat Sink Kit. This kit improves performance off-road by reducing the gear ratio, providing 15% more torque and increasing range by reducing the load on the motors. The heat sinks increase efficiency and range by keeping the motors cooler in off-road conditions.


Heat Sink Kit:

Increases surface area by 40% to help the motors run cooler in hot weather and the higher loads of off-road riding.

  • Increases run time by reducing electrical resistance brought on by elevated temperatures.
  • Extends motor longevity.
  • Simple installation.


Tools required:

  • Large flat blade screwdriver
  • If installing on the older generation Evolve motors with external shaft collars, it is required that one of the motors is removed.


13 Tooth Driver Kit:

Increases torque by 15% by reducing the number of teeth from the stock 15 tooth to 13 tooth. Good compromise of torque and top speed with 7" tires. Made from steel like the stock gear. Includes new belts and set screws.


Tools required:

  • 1.5mm and 1/8" allen wrenches
  • Large flat blade screwdriver
  • Small torch (highly recommended to ease removal of stock gear)